This blog is the begining of our adoption journey together. After four years of infertility we feel called to adopt a child into our home. This blog is dedicated to track and share our journey with our families, friends and community. Please feel free to share and ask questions! 1 Peter 4:10 As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Fertility Timeline

Daniel and I have been married for 4 years this May. We have been open to becoming pregnant for the last 4 years. Here is a little fertility timeline on what has been going on for us.

May 2009: We are married
April 2010: Tests show Daniel has a low sperm count and he has surgery for a varicocele (we thought that this is why we have not conceived)
July 2010: Tests show I have hypothyroidism (maybe this is why we have not conceived), so I start new meds
April 2011: I had some odd menstrual cycles but my pelvic ultra sound shows all my parts look good (we don't know why we are not pregnant yet)
May 2011: I start taking Vit D , lab levels are low , and an antidepressant , start of two new meds
February 2012: We start NaPro Technology and Natural Family Planning Classes
April 2012: After charting my cycles, I have labs done to show I have low progesterone, estrogen and I am insulin resistant. So I start Metformin and fertility medication -HCG injections
May 2012: We move to Lafayette, so now my injections formulated in Ft. Wayne now cost $20 extra to ship each month.
August 2012: No results with the HCG, I am getting frustrated and fed up with trying and it is putting a strain on Daniel and my marriage. I stop the HCG.
November 2012: I go to a new doctor in Lafayette and I am put on fertility medication clomid 50mg in December where my progesterone was only 7
January 2013: My clomid does goes to 100mg and this medication dose overstimulates my ovaries and I go to the ER with horrible pelvic pain. My progesterone did however increase into the 30s .
February 2013: My doctor takes me off of Clomid and I am put on Femara another fertility medication.

We are now off of the medication (my decision) and even though no doctor has told us we "cannot get pregnant on our own", I believe in my heart that we are called to adopt.

During the past month of March I have been off of fertility medication and my relationship with God, myself and my husband has been healing. I am no longer angry, upset and feel utterly broken. Our decision to adopt has been a long one in coming. We have actually been talking about adoption for 1 and 1/2 years . We have prayed, had people praying for us, and now that the decision to move forward as been made we have found PEACE!!! It is a beautiful thing. I feel now that we have surrendered to what God's will, there is so much more room for better things to come.



  1. I love you guys! Such a blessing to have you in our lives. I love how you truly are listening and discerning what it is God calls you too. - Jenny, John, Jack and Megan

  2. I was surfing the internet and some how came across this blog. I am living testimony that god knows best. I was maried 10 years went through all the testing and fertility drugs too. I love kids and got frustrated too. I quit trying and quity worrying and i became pregnant at the age of 37. God didn't stop there when i was 9 days from my 43rd bday god blessed me with another child. I now have not one but two sons. So hang in there and know miracles do happen. This may happen through adoption, but god will never fail you! Prayers for you and your family!